Role of the Doula

Each family has a unique set of needs. As your doula, I commit to meeting you where you are and supporting you in a way that reflects those needs. Amidst the excitement and beauty of having a child, new parents can feel overwhelmed and anxious in their new roles and responsibilities. My job as a doula is to support you as you make decisions that work for your family while offering you current evidence-based best practices and helping you problem-solve in creative ways. It is my goal to help you become self-sufficient, confident, and enjoy the transition into parenthood.


The Postpartum Doula:

  • Educates about normal newborn behavior and development
  • Offers techniques for soothing and coping with a newborn
  • Teaches breastfeeding/bottle feeding best practices
  • Encourages parents to find their own style of nurturing a baby
  • Allows new parents to care for themselves: rest, shower, and reboot
  • Provides a non-judgmental sounding board
  • Helps care for and integrate older siblings
  • Helps new parents with daily newborn routines and offers practical solutions
  • Listens and helps parents process their birthing experience
  • Helps family eat well and stay nutritionally balanced
  • Offers evidence-based information and resources

    A postpartum doula does not provide or substitute medical advice and does not provide nanny or housekeeping services.